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Started in 2018, PriceMama is one of the leading a product comparison website in Bangladesh. The platform designed to help the online shoppers of Bangladesh.  We are a team of 12 people who are continuously trying to improve the website user experience, adding and updating products regularly.

Choosing a product from hundreds of options and then visiting one store to another is a time-consuming and tedious task. PriceMama will save tons of your times because it will provide you with all the product information you need in one place. That’s what makes it exceedingly convenient. You can additionally get instant access to client reviews as well as influencers YouTube reviews that allow you to make more convenient shopping choices.

PriceMama has a dynamic product comparison feature, where you can compare any two products to know which one is more suitable. You can compare gadgets like smartphones, computers, laptops, televisions, camera, motorcycles, and the site will show you everything about those two products, and you can decide for yourself which one to buy.

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